We are proud to announce the installation of state-of-the-art mass flow meters on our long-term-chartered Queensway Navigation Co. Ltd barge, Vemahonesty, which operates along the coast of West Africa, one of the world's busiest maritime thoroughfares.

TFG Marine has a presence in all key bunkering regions worldwide. Through our flexible customer service, transparency in marine fuel deliveries, and growing biofuels offer, we are raising the bar for the marine fuels supply industry and helping to build a future for sustainable shipping. View our corporate video here.

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TFG Marine is a proud sponsor of the ALIS - Associazione Logistica dell'Intermodalità Sostenibile, Trasporti Logistica Sostenibilita Conference which starts today in Sorrento, Italy.

For those of you attending this week’s event, come and find us in the exhibitors area to find out more about our European marine fuel supply operations and how we are building a future for sustainable shipping with our range of biofuel blends.

As part of our continued drive towards a more sustainable shipping industry, TFG Marine offers customers ISCC - International Sustainability and Carbon Certification-certified B20, B30 and B50 biofuel blends in the ARA region. Enabling our customers across the globe to reduce fossil fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions to make strides towards their sustainability and climate action targets.
For more information, please contact europe.sales@tfgmarine.com or visit www.tfgmarine.com

We are excited to announce that the first of our planned mass flow meters has been installed, calibrated and is now operational on the TFG Marine chartered Unibarge MTS Sydney at the Port of Rotterdam.

TFG Marine is one of the first marine fuel suppliers to introduce this fuel measuring technology in the ARA region, providing our customers with unrivalled accuracy and full transparency on their marine fuel deliveries.

Thank you to UniBarge B.V. and MFM manufacturer Endress+Hauser Group for their help in bringing this innovative approach to bunker supplies to fruition.

TFG Marine is one of the largest marine fuel suppliers in Africa, operating bunkering vessels off the coast of West Africa and South Africa’s Walvis Bay and Algoa Bay.

With an up to 100,000 mt per month supply capacity, we are on hand to cater for all additional diverted vessels from the Suez Canal.

For further information on how we can provide assistance, please contact Africa.Sales@tfgmarine.com or visit www.tfgmarine.com

TFG Marine has expanded its US Gulf Coast operations with the addition of the Takeuchi Sea barge to its supply fleet, which is now operating within Corpus Christi Bay.

The 30,000-barrel capacity, Shell SIRE approved, heated vessel can provide over 20,000 metric tonnes per month of high-quality VLSFO and LSGO to customers both within the port of Corpus Christi and at the port of Ingleside.

Our new barge supply operation is also complemented by the exclusive ex-pipe delivery of marine fuels at Magellan terminal.

For more information on this service please contact USA.sales@tfgmarine.com or visit www.tfgmarine.com