Meet Koo Soo Yong ( 邱素容 )our Singapore Bunker Sales Manager

Soo Yong has worked in the marine fuel supply industry for over 20 years and is passionate about making sure her customers in the Port of Singapore get the fuel deliveries they need and when they need them. As a member of the regional The International Bunker Industry Association committee, Soo is also regularly engaged with industry peers, sharing on how TFG Marine can do its bit to help shape our industry for the future.

Working in the marine fuels industry, you play an important role in making sure global supply chains continue to turn and all the people and goods on the world’s seas get from their point of origin to their destination. TFG Marine not only do this professionally but they are also using their position to enact change in the industry through dialogue and by doing business in a more innovative and sustainable way. When people come to TFG Marine, they are going to get one of the most transparent, efficient, flexible and friendly services in the market. I thrive on introducing new customers to that unique service offer and then seeing that develop into longer term relationships.”