If you’re going to communicate that key message on MFMs one more time, why not do it with a rhyme…

Choosing the right fuel supplier TFG Marine



When setting sail on the sea
it's worth investing in quality.


With a premium service, you will see
your fuel is supplied transparently.


Mass Flow Meters are a must
and fuel from supply barges you can trust.


But if a mass flow meter is not used,
your goodwill and trust could be abused.


Because you'll find efficiency is key
for reliable marine fuel delivery.


Our digital platform will provide you
with accurate and speedy data that is true.


As unverified fuel might cause delays
or produce more problems in other ways.


Investing a little more being smart
might give your vessel a good head start.


And before you set sail, you'll ensure
your fuel is guaranteed, verified and secure.


So the rest of your journey is easy to find,
while those without meters may fall behind.


And while you're steaming ahead at pace,
they're ullaging means they'll lose the race.


And those who make good fuel choices know
that TFG Marine is compliant with ISO.


And if you need to find out more
you can knock on any of our partners doors.


So if you like what you have seen
Contact us at TFG Marine.

Watch our latest video on the benefits of mass flow metering and increased digitalisation in the marine fuels supply industry.

Find out about more about our mass flow metering offer here.

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