Singapore, 22.08.2023

Bunker Licence & Mass Flow Meter

Bunker Licence & Mass Flow Meter

TFG Marine welcomes the The International Bunker Industry Association's strong support for the implementation of mass flow meters (MFM) by international bunker ports.

Now is the time for our industry to adopt a unified approach that enhances efficiency of the bunker operation, ensures best practices in marine fuel delivery measurement and follows the same fundamental principles, requirements and procedures of the MFM system. MFMs are also an important solution to streamline digitalisation for end-to-end bunker operations, providing real time measurement and operational information needed for the use of electronic bunker delivery notes (BDNs).

To date, TFG Marine has installed MFMs on close to 50% of our chartered-barges and we intend to continue this roll-out to bring further transparency to our customers across the globe.

Find out about more about our mass flow metering offer here.

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