Press Release 09.01.2024

Modernising marine fuel delivery Transparency, digitalisation and decarbonisation – the case for standards-compliant mass flow metering

TFG Marine-sponsored white paper, written by Adrian Tolson, launches today.

Geneva, 9 January 2024 - TFG Marine (“TFG”), the global marine fuel supply and procurement joint venture company created by Trafigura and shipping firms Frontline and Golden Ocean, has sponsored the publication of a white paper on modernising marine fuel delivery, endorsed by key stakeholders in the bunker supply chain.


The white paper argues that the global adoption of calibrated mass flow meters (MFMs) will bring much-needed transparency to bunkering by generating accurate, real-time data for all stakeholders along the marine fuel supply chain. It describes the problems for the industry caused by inaccurate quantity measurement and sets out a number of remedial actions. It recognises the success of Singapore’s MFM based bunker licensing system and proposes this as a template for regulators in other regions across the world. In conclusion, it calls on all supply chain participants to actively support MFM-based deliveries, promote transparency and encourage digitalisation in the long-term interests of the bunker industry and to help further the decarbonisation goals of the shipping industry.


The white paper was written by marine fuel supply industry expert Adrian Tolson. Its conclusions and recommendations are endorsed by key stakeholders in the bunker supply chain.


The white paper will be available to download from here



About the author

Adrian Tolson, of 2050 Marine Energy, is an internationally recognised expert and consultant on the marine fuel market. He is also a Board Member of the International Bunker Industry Association. Adrian’s career includes 30 years in the physical bunker supply industry working in diverse roles with increasing management responsibility.


For much of the last decade Adrian has acted as an industry supply chain consultant engaging with refiners, traders, suppliers, buyers, and regulators. In recent years his work has increasingly focused on adapting the marine fuel industry to shipping decarbonisation. 



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Notes to Editors

TFG Marine is a leading international marine fuel supply and procurement joint venture between physical commodity trading company Trafigura Group Pte and ship owning companies Frontline Ltd and Golden Ocean Group Ltd.  Formed in 2020, the company provides modern, simplified and transparent services that bridge every stage of the bunkering process for its customers, supplying over 10 million metric tonnes of marine fuels per annum across 35 strategic bunkering hub locations globally.